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June 20-27
September 19-26
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A taste of Gredos
The authentic Rural Spain
A taste of Segovia
The history of Medieval Castilla
The yellow broom in blossom
The purple wild lavender
Two different stables
Two different horses
Two different regions
Avila and Segovia
World Heritage Unesco sites

Gredos & Segovia

Avila – Segovia Castilla y León | 8 days-7 nights– 6 days riding | From 2850€



The two living hearts of Castile: The Nature and the History. This extraordinary ride combines 3 days riding in the province of Segovia with 3 days riding in the Sierra de Gredos; the medieval heart and the rural heart of Castile. Both provinces, Segovia and Avila are in Central Spain, in the Meseta, the great high plateau of the Iberian Peninsula, in the region of Castilla y Leon.

The ride starts in the Sierra of Gredos Nature Park, where riders will be inspired by the landscapes full of light and colour and the nature’s splendour. This area is truly rural Spain, with an economy based on free range AvilIan cattle breeding. The small villages display their architecture, their traditions, and the way of life of their people, isolated in this inaccessible nature that shapes their unique character. It is an excellent terrain for riding, mostly open fields with magnificent views and paths that follow the course of rivers.

The second part of the ride will take you to Segovia, a journey back in history, with many historic sites accessible on horseback, riding through the open and unspoilt Castilian countryside. Riders will visit the medieval city of Segovia, World Heritage Town by the UNESCO, which boasts a magnificent cultural heritage including the colossal Roman Aqueduct from the 1st century AD, one of the greatest in Europe; and ride to the Romanesque church of Sotosalbos; the castle and fortified city of Pedraza; and the Royal site of La Granja de San Ildefonso, with its grand baroque palace and its beautiful gardens.

What our guests say

“We had a fabulous time. Marie Elena was her usual attentive, entertaining self. What an interesting person she is - she deserves an award! Both areas were fascinating and so different. And we were treated to a tour around both Segovia and Avila. The horses both in Gredos and in Segovia were the most well schooled I have ever ridden and the saddles were really comfortable. Enrique was a delight - a fabulous horseman and the riding centre was wonderful. All in all a great experience and as usual it all flew by too quickly! You absolutely need to be riding fit. The days in Gredos were a particularly good warm up as we definitely cantered through Segovia. It was brilliant.” GS (UK)


“Our trip last year Gredos and Segovia led by Maria Elena was absolutely wonderful. The ride through the old Canadas and villages was lovely, and each stop was catered in grand style. I was very well mounted on Mayo for the first part of the trip and Cubana for the second, and having just had a knee replacement 6 months prior to being there, I appreciated the well trained horses. i remember by the end asking Maria Elena if she thought Cubana would hunt, and Enrico if they ever sold horses back to the US…she is a very special mare. We had fun with the Jaime and the barn staff on the first leg of the ride. I loved watching Cartoucho herd the horses back out to pasture at the end of the day. And we all loved learning a little history and staying in some lovely hotels. But the best part of the tour is really Maria Elena . We immediately connected with her like she was an old friend, and she rolls with the flow with a smile on her face. She organized side trips with apparent ease, at one point finding us a young guide for a birding side visit that we all enjoyed. My comment to Maria Elena was that organizing our group was like herding cats! I know some of our group have ridden all over the world, but this trip stands out as the trip of lifetime. So thank you for organizing such an excellent trip for us! Cheers! BDeM (USA)

“Just to let you know this was a wonderful trip – I loved the scenery, the flowers, the old towns and churches and, most important, I had the perfect horse for me! Fantastic organisation on the part of Maria Elena and Enrique. Thank you.” JR (UK)


Trip summary

Moderate inn-to-inn ride

Best time to visit June and September
The most spectacular spring rides in June, withthe yellow broom in blossom in Gredos and the wild lavander in Segovia.

Trip length 8 days - 7 nights - 6 days riding (from Sunday to Sunday)
Distance covered 115 miles/180 km

Group size Minimum 6 riders- Maximum 10 riders.
All departures are guaranteed.

Airport Madrid

Riding ability Intermediate to experienced. Reasonably fit riders.

Horses Andalusian and Hispano-Arab Excellent Andalusian and Hispano-Arab, very well-trained, responsive, sure footed, happy, fit and fun to ride, with a lot of personality!

Track Excellent leather English general purpose saddles.
Seat savers and small saddle bags

Time in the saddle From 4 and 1⁄2 to 6 and 1⁄2 hours (one day)

Weight limit 90kgs – 198Ibs

Languages English, French, Spanish

Climate Dry continental weather
Temperatures are strongly influenced by the altitude, with the average of 1400m in Gredos and 1000 m in Segovia.
This ride is organised in June and September when the weather is dry and sunny.

Your hosts and guides The Gredos rides are led by María Elena, the founder and owner of Equiberia. The Segovia rides are led by Enrique, the owner of the stables in Segovia. They are knowledgeable, qualified and hospitable and terrific travel companions. The assistant guides and helpers are enthusiastic, motivated, attentive and charming. Our attention to the detail is outstanding. We go as far as we can to anticipate all the little things that can make a difference. We have a lot of repeat guests that come back every year. We can give you direct references of riders from many different parts of the world.

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Horses and Riding

Riding ability Intermediate to experienced. Reasonably fit riders.
It is not necessary to be an expert rider but it is essential that riders have trail riding experience, can easily manage a horse at all paces and be familiar and comfortable handling a horse on the ground. A level of fitness is required, as the days are 4-6 hours.

Horses The horses are Hispano-Arab, Andalusian, Arab and Lusitano breed ranging in height from 15-16 hh, and selected for their good nature and endurance. The horses are excellent, very well trained, responsive, fit and fun to ride, happy horses with a lot of personality, and very much loved.

Pace of the ride The pace of the ride varies with the terrain. The ride includes walks, trots, canters and gallops depending on the terrain. Overall it is a moderate pace, with some slow parts due to the mountainous terrain. The pace in Gredos is moderate. The pace in Segovia is more sportive with long cross-country canters for fit riders. There are open areas where it is possible to canter with excellent tracks for exciting rides. Track Excellent leather English general purpose saddles, with deep knee rolls. Every piece of the tack is in excellent condition
Small saddle bags are provided.
Seat savers and riding hats or helmets can be provided too.

Time in the saddle From 4 and ½ to 6 and ½ hours (one day)
The total distance of the trip is about 110 miles.

Weight limit 90kgs / 198 pounds

Your hosts and guides The Gredos rides are led by María Elena, the founder and owner of Equiberia. The Segovia rides are led by Enrique, the owner of the stables in Segovia. They are knowledgeable, qualified and hospitable and terrific travel companions. The assistant guides and helpers are enthusiastic, motivated, attentive and charming.
Our attention to the detail is outstanding. We go as far as we can to anticipate all the little things that can make a difference. We have a lot of repeat guests that come back every year. We can give you direct references of riders from many different parts of the world.

Dates and Prices

2021 DEPARTURE DATES These are the dates programmed for this calendar year:

March 28-April 4
June 20-27
September 19-26

This ride can be private for groups of 8 riders.

If you would like a tailor-made programme at different dates, please Contact us.

2021 PRICES Prices start at 2850€ (Euros) euros pp in double occupancy

Single room supplement 250€ (Euros)

All our prices include 21% VAT and are fully inclusice. Details of services included: LEARN MORE

  • Transfers from/to Madrid in private taxi are included
  • Accommodation in comfortable and charming hotels, including luxurious National Paradores and 4* country hotels with spa and swimming pool
  • Beautifully trained horses, in excellent condition and very well looked after in every aspect: feeding, grooming, veterinary care, and general well-being. You will feel it: they are happy horses.
  • The days riding as described in the programmes, with itineraries carefully selected to make the best out of every day ride
  • Knowledgeable, qualified and hospitable guides: Maria Elena, owner of the company, leads the rides personally, accompanied by attentive and charming support guides
  • Excellent leather English GP saddles; small saddle bags and seat savers are provided. Riding hats or helmets can be provided too. Every piece of the tack is in excellent condition.
  • All the meals are included: exquisite gourmet picnic lunches; aperitifs and tapas; fresh salads and fruit of the season everyday; selected dinners in the hotels; all the drinks are included during the meals: tasting of different red & white wines with the picnics; sherry at the aperitifs; beer, juices, soft drinks.
  • A support vehicle meets the riders with 1 or 2 helpers, to transport the luggage and prepare the lunches, with set tables, chairs.., and to assist the riders when necessary.
  • Out attention to the detail is outstanding. We go as far as we can to anticipate all the little things that can make a difference. We have a lot of repeat guests that come back every year. We can give you direct references of riders from many different parts of the world.
  • The company is fully insured and legally registered in every department, tourism, equestrian and agriculture.

Travel & Itinerary


Madrid Riders will be met at the Madrid-Adolfo Suárez International Airport.
Terminal 4, arrivals gate 10, at the Cafeteria Paul (by gate 10). At 3pm, on the first date of the chosen week (always a Sunday).
Departure on the Sunday after the ride: any flight after 1:00pm

Arrival Any flight in time for the pick- up time at 3:00 pm of the first Sunday of the ride.
If staying in a hotel in Madrid or in Avila, pick up can be organised from the hotel.

Departure Any flight after 1.00 pm, on the Sunday departure of the ride.

Before/After the ride Equiberia can help with suggestions, hotel bookings, and other arrangements before or after the ride. Please contact us.

Packing list The principle of “layers” is always very convenient, any time of the year.
We suggest the following


  • Jodhpurs or riding breeches
  • Half chaps and short riding boots with a good sole (don’t try new boots for a riding holiday)
  • Long sleeve shirts and T-shirts
  • Waistcoat (warmer or lighter (depending on the time of the year)
  • Warm or light fleece (depending on the time of the year)
  • Light rain jacket
  • Sun hat with a brim and sun glasses
  • Riding helmet (a few helmets are available at the riding centre). Not mandatory but advisable.
  • Riding gloves
  • Small saddle bags are provided to carry only small things while riding
  • Seat savers can be provided

Other Casual clothes for the evenings
Swimsuit (swims in the river, spa, hotel with pool and spa)
Flip-flops or sandals, especially in the summer for the picnics by the river
Sunscreen and lip balm


Inn-to-inn progressive ride
3 days center based ride in Gredos + 3 days Inn-to-inn progressive ride in Segovia
7 nights-6 days riding
The total distance of the trip is about 110 miles/180kms. Time in the saddle from 4 and ½ to 6 and ½ hours (one day). Average distance per day 30kms.

Itinerary Outline

Arrival day. Visit of Avila. Welcome drinks at the Parador of Gredos.

Gredos Nature Park: the Pine forests and the common land mountain pastures. The source of the Tormes river.

Climbing to the high alpine pastures and views of the glacial granitic remains. The “top of the World”. Pristine mountain gorge pools.

Magnificent views and excellent terrain for long canters. The most memorable gourmet lunch in the greatest landscape. End of the Gredos ride. Transfer to La Granja – Segovia.

Exhilarating long canters. The Cega river. The medieval city of Pedraza.

Long canters on the drover’s paths. Riofrío “cold river” lunch. More long canters.

Half day ride. Sotosalbos Romanesque Moorish style church. Eresma river, More canters. Privately guided visit of Segovia.

End of the ride. Transfer to Madrid.




Meet in Madrid and transfer to Navarredonda de Gredos (2 hour drive), a small village in the heart of Castile with a splendid view of the Sierra de Gredos. This is a region steeped in history, where the Moors and Christians fought, where Romans built roads that have lasted for centuries. Riders will enjoy a welcome dinner and night at the Gredos National Parador.


Circle ride from Navarredonda, an easy introductory day, with a picnic lunch in the countryside.
Ride through pine woods, open fields and trails, towards the mountains with great views of the Sierra de Gredos. Picnic lunch near the Tormes river, in a traditional small bar – traditional menu, cooked on the spot. In the afternoon ride back to the stables in Navarredonda, returning for dinner and overnight as the previous night. This day is a short ride so riders and horses get used to each other.


Ride towards the heights of the Sierra de Gredos with magnificent views.. Climb to the Covacha gorge and descent towards the gorge of Barbellido. Picnic lunch by the river, excellent spot for a swim. Afternoon climb to the heights of Siete Fuentes and descent to the pinewoods and the Tormes river.. Ride back to the stables in Navarredonda de Gredos. Alternative day ride to Hoyos del Collado, depending on weather conditions and group profile.


Ride towards the heights of Cañada Lengua, through a yellow ocean of broom in spring time. Following the ancient cañada, we will get to the heights of los Cervunales, open fields of summer pastures at 1700m altitude. We will discover the beautiful Laguna (lagoon) of Cañada El Gallo, full of life in springtime. The views of the Sierra de Gredos from these alpine plains are just overwhelming. Gourmet – picnic lunch near the lagoon. Descent towards the village of Hoyos del Espino and ride back to the stables in Navarredonda de Gredos.
At the end of the ride, from the stables, transfer to Segovia - La Granja – 2 hour drive. Arrival to the luxurious Parador of la Granja 4*at around 8pm. Visit of the baroque palace and the gardens of this royal site, built in the times of Felipe V. Dinner and night at the Parador.



From La Granja we will rejoin the Cañada Real , at the Caserio de Gamones. We will ride on the slopes of the Sierra de Guadarrama, until we get to Sotosalbos. Aperitivo stop and visit of the Romanesque church from the 13th century. Riding through countryside of holm oaks, through the small village of Requijada, we will get to our picnic stop, near the Ermita de Las Vegas, and follow the Cega river to Pedraza. This is a beautiful medieval village, with an imposing castle, charming cobbled streets and a charming main square. Dinner and night in the Hotel de la Villa, a 3* hotel in the heart of the village.


From Pedraza, and we will follow ancient bridle paths. Through nearly abandoned rural villages, with a typical architecture in stone and timber. We will pass the Romanesque church of San Juan Bautista 13th century and reach the slopes of the Sierra de Guadarrama, in the Cañada Real, Aperitif stop in the Cañada, the we follow until Navafría, a mountain village with a timber production tradition. Picnic lunch by the river Cega. In the afternoon ride to Collado Hermoso. Dinner and night at the country hotel Finca del Duque or Fuente Plateada.


Morning ride passing through Santo Domingo de Pirón and Torrecaballeros. We’ll stop for an aperitivo in the country. Riding through open farming land, we will pass the remains of an old ranch, where shepherds use to stop with their flocks to sheer the sheep, during the long transhumant journeys. Late lunch at the equestrian centre Hipica Eresma where the horses come from. Transfer to Segovia to the hotel Monastery San Antonio El Real 4*, within walking distance from the heart of Segovia. Visit of Segovia in the afternoon. Dinner and night at San Antonio El Real.


After breakfast transfer to the Madrid airport, arriving there about 12 noon. All riders will be transferred at the same time. Transfer can be arranged at a different time is that is more convenient for the group.


Hotels & Gastronomy

The selection of the accommodation and the service in every aspect of the ride is of outstanding quality.


The accommodation chosen for this ride is excellent and of special interest in this ride, including some historic sites which are very unique hotels nowadays.
All the hotels provide double or twin-bedded rooms and en-suite baths.
Single accommodations can be arranged at an additional charge.


In the Sierra de Gredos, 3 nights will be spent at the 3* National Parador of Gredos, built in an ancient hunting lodge built for the king of Spain Alfonso 13th and the first Parador opened in Spain. In Segovia, first night will be spent at the luxurious National Parador of La Granja 4*, ancient residence of the King’s infants, in a great location near the Royal Palace of La Granja; two nights will be spent in charming rural hotels, the Hotel de la Villa 3* , in Pedraza, built in an ancient noble house, and the country hotel Finca del Duque a very comfortable country style hotel, or at the boutique Hotel Fuente Plateada. Last night will be spent at the Hotel Monasterio de San Antonio el Real, a luxurious and charming 4* hotel. It was built in the cloisters of an ancient monastery from the 15th century, in the heart of the city of Segovia, a 5 min walk from the Roman Aqueduct.

• Nights 1, 2 & 3 Parador of Gredos*** (Navarredonda de Gredos)
• Night 4 Parador de La Granja **** ( La Granja)
• Night 5 Hotel de la Villa *** (Pedraza)
• Night 6 Finca del Duque or Fuente Plateada boutique hotel (Collado Hermoso)
• Night 7 Hotel Monastery San Antonio El Real **** (Segovia)


Food & Wine

You will be pampered by our attention to detail and our high standards in every aspect of the ride. Our exquisite aperitivos appear around the corner, just when you think you need a break. Our gourmet lunches served al fresco on white linens in stunning surroundings will become lifelong memories – dining will never be the same again. We always come up with surprises and special treats: delicious water cress in spring or exquisite mushrooms in the autumn, just picked up the same morning; a sumptuous birthday celebration in the middle of the countryside.
Breakfast, aperitifs, lunch and dinner are included while on the trek. All the drinks are included during the meals. Tasting of Spanish red& white wines; sherry; beer, juices, soft drinks and water.

A support vehicle will follow the riders during the entire trip, meeting for aperitifs, meals and at night.

Vegetarians and special diets can be accommodated with advance notice.

The local cuisine is excellent, and much consideration is taken when planning the meals to provide visitors with a sampling of the many different delicious specialities. Lunch is usually a picnic in the countryside with set tables, chairs... and small feast everyday! Some lunches will be cooked on the spot; others prepared the village bars o restaurants, always exquisite. Our exciting selection of local Spanish wines will delight the most demanding palates.

The aperitivos offer a selection of Iberico ham, local cheeses, olives, almonds and fruit. In Segovia, Lucia’s Spanish omelette each day at aperitivo, probably the best Spanish omelette you’ll eat in Spain. You will try local food specialties, like the Avilian free range beef, and roast lamb and the suckling pig from Segovia.

All the aperitivos and lunch spots have been carefully selected for best views and scenery, while you enjoy the aperitifs and the meals, always surrounded by the horses at rest.

Dinners will be in the hotel or at a local restaurant with carefully chosen menus to add the specialties of the local gastronomy.

Km Zero Food

We aim to minimize the impact in the environment. Our meals are elaborated with local produce: salad, vegetables, meats, and fruit are produced in the Northern and the Southern slopes of Gredos. Even our olive oil is produced is a small local cooperative. We serve local Spanish wines and beer made in Gredos. Whenever possible our choice is Zero km food (0 km food). It denotes the food produced, sold and eaten locally – the food which travelled zero kilometres. Our rides hardly require transport of the guests, as we usually ride to the hotels where riders and horses stay. We minimize the waste in our rides. Our picnics are 99% waste free with proper reusable crockery and cutlery, glasses, and tablecloths. These may seem small things, but they count.


History and Nature

About Avila

Strongly recommended a night in Avila, a medieval walled town, before or after the ride. We can help with hotel bookings. Pick up can be organised from Avila on the Sunday beginning of the programme.
Avila is one of the World Heritage Cities of Spain, one of the 660 cultural sites in the world that the World Heritage Committee considers as having outstanding universal value.


Avila is a medieval town, surrounded by walls constructed in the 11th and 12th century (2500m, 88 towers, 9 gates) to protect the Spanish territories from the Moors. The walls are still complete nowadays. Avila is the “City of Saints and Stones”. The birthplace of St Theresa and the burial place of the Grand Inquisitor Torquemada. Avila has kept its medieval austerity. This purity of form can still be seen in the Gothic cathedral and the fortifications which are the most complete in Spain. Charming squares and beautiful quiet pedestrian streets for a very pleasant walk around this old historic town.


About Segovia

Towers, Romanesque churches, squares, steps, mansions and Renaissance palaces, synagogues, porticoes, convents, gardens… Segovia boasts a whole host of monuments and an almost endless list of places of interest. You will see one monument that predominates over everything else: the spectacular Roman Aqueduct, an engineering achievement dating back almost 2,000 years and whose colossal appearance is still intact today. The best view of it can be obtained from the popular Plaza Azoguejo square: the huge blocks of granite stand 29 metres tall, seeming to dwarf everything in the vicinity.


A stroll through the streets of Segovia is a pleasant and very interesting way of gaining an insight into the history of Spain. Over the centuries, various civilisations (Romans, Arabs, Jews and Christians) have left an artistic heritage that is difficult to match elsewhere. This will become obvious as you stroll through its old town, whose streets still boast the medieval structure and civic and religious buildings of various architectural styles. Many of them were built during the Middle Ages, the heyday of this city. One example from this period is the Cathedral, the last Gothic building constructed in Spain; another is the Alcázar, the impressive fortress with its stunning views of the city. And then there is the unique Casa de los Picos House, the Alhóndiga corn exchange market, with a façade that leaves no-one unmoved, and the tower Torreon de los Lozoya, originally a 14th century defensive structure, which are now used to hold cultural exhibitions.

More information at:


Concierge Services

Equiberia understands that all details of your trip are paramount to your overall experience with us that is why we have developed a series of carefully curated services that go the extra mile to ensure your trip is complete with those extras that make the difference.

We are pleased to offer customized programs for Non-riders accompanying the riders; Bespoke trips for private groups of families; and Trip extensions before and/or after the ride.

Any ot there options will be quoted for each special request.


On our Segovia tours non-riders can enjoy themselves just as much as they could by taking any trip to that region of Spain and still spend a good part of the time with the riders.


Non-riders can hire a car and visit the interesting tourist spots in the area. They can re-join the riders in the evening for dinner and split off again after breakfast the following morning. We will provide information on the area, suggest itineraries, and connect with local guides and any place of interest, local artisans, or a small bar in a village where the local meet. On some of the ride, some of the days, non-riders can go in the support vehicle and join the riders for the aperitivos and lunches in the countryside too.
Gredos is our home and we have great flexibility and many local contacts to organise activities for non-riders.
The Gredos and the Segovia itineraries can be adapted for cycling (ideal for mountain and road cycling and E-bikes and there are good paths and beautiful remote empty roads and villages with the greatest views). We can offer full support for cyclers through a specialised cycling tours company. Walking or hiking: fit walkers can follow some of the itineraries the riders do and then we can organise local drivers to meet the walkers and take them to the hotel;


Bespoke groups and families

We can customize our equestrian vacations for private groups such as small parties, family gatherings or groups of friends. We can create a trip for a group with special interests or around a special event, or create an exclusive tour including trip extensions with our customizable concierge services.


The Segovia ride is designed for competent riders. It can be tailored for private groups with mixed riding abilities, from intermediate to advanced riders, not for beginners. The riding trips can be combined with other activities such as cycling, bird-watching, kayaking ans/or cultural visits and wine tasting.
We customize intimate, fun, rich, flexible and memorable experiences. We offer some options but we can adapt to new requests an adapt to a wide range of needs or interests.


Trip extensions

Our carefully crafted trip extensions, before and/or after the ride, capture the essence of an authentic Spain.


We are passionate about Spain, its history, its nature, its traditions, its joy, and its lifestyle - and the Spanish food and wines, of course. Every ride is a true immersion into the culture of Spain. We design our trip extensions so that every day is a hand-selected experience specifically designed for you to learn something different about our fascinating country.
Accommodation and transport can be tailored to guests’ wishes and needs in the itinerary that will fit the travellers best.
We select the people that will provide each service included in the trip by their professionalism, knowledge, and enthusiasm, and they will go the extra mile to ensure you get the best experience. They will contribute to creating special moments and memories of your trip to the hidden Spain.