“Taking up the Reins in Spain. You don’t need to go as far as Africa or India for an exotic riding experience – Spain’s unspoilt Gredos mountains are only a weekend break away as RU (Country Life Travel) discovered, with eagle sightings, river swimming and vampire dogs. (…) The rivers were perfect, their smooth boulders created perfect swimming pools of gin-clear water, welcoming hollows for a siesta, and mini waterfalls for natural hydrotherapy massages. Well off the foreign tourist trail, the Gredos are a well-kept secret. At the end of it all, 8 year-old son wished he could take his horse home in a 15hh suitcase and well-travelled 10 year old daughter, confided: I think that`s the best holiday I’ve ever had. Older seasoned travellers in the party found in difficult to disagree”.


RU (Country Life Travel UK)