“Our trip last year Gredos and Segovia led by Maria Elena was absolutely wonderful. The ride through the old Canadas and villages was lovely, and each stop was catered in grand style. I was very well mounted on Mayo for the first part of the trip and Cubana for the second, and having just had a knee replacement 6 months prior to being there, I appreciated the well trained horses. i remember by the end asking Maria Elena if she thought Cubana would hunt, and Enrico if they ever sold horses back to the US…she is a very special mare. We had fun with the Jaime and the barn staff on the first leg of the ride. I loved watching Cartoucho herd the horses back out to pasture at the end of the day. And we all loved learning a little history and staying in some lovely hotels. But the best part of the tour is really Maria Elena . We immediately connected with her like she was an old friend, and she rolls with the flow with a smile on her face. She organized side trips with apparent ease, at one point finding us a young guide for a birding side visit that we all enjoyed. My comment to Maria Elena was that organizing our group was like herding cats! I know some of our group have ridden all over the world, but this trip stands out as the trip of lifetime. So thank you for organizing such an excellent trip for us! Cheers!