“The Menorcan ride was great. Not fast but the riding is tricky and ‘ hairy’. Kept you on your toes. Tough volcanic riding country on the coast lots of ups and downs over precarious boulders. Best solution was to hold the reins in one hand and use the free hand to balance or hang onto the back of the saddle when going steeply downhill and leaping boulders. Lovely coastal track but glad I Didn’t suffer from vertigo! Horses were FANTASTIC. Incredibly sure footed and not a scratch or injury from all the scrabbling over rocks and Boulders. They are clearly well loved by Catalina and Toni. It was great to have Maria Elena with us for the first 3 days but Catalina and Toni were superb guides. The hotels food and picnics were excellent. It was very special to see three ‘Fiesta’ stallions at the farm we had lunch at on the final day. We had perfect weather!”


RG, (UK)