“Highlights: Lucia’s Spanish omelette each day at Aperitivo! The chance to try local food specialities, including the roast lamb and suckling pig specialities, and experience the many historical / cultural aspects to the trip and the different types of accommodation. Excellent guiding by Enrique, with lots of cantering; the ground was challenging in places, but I always felt safe. Enrique managed all the timings very efficiently, and he and Olegh were very helpful with mounting up. My mare was a bit grumpy at the start of the week but we ‘came to an understanding’ and she went very well for me. There was a LOT going on, both with regard to the riding and the cultural aspects. The days are very full, so plenty of energy is required. Tuesday was a fast and long (but excellent) riding day, so it was a good idea to finish riding a little earlier on the Wednesday and visit the gorge and Hermitage (as we did and as was planned). The evening meal at the restaurant we went to in La Granja was A1. I particularly liked staying at the ‘Drover’s House’ off the Market Square in Pradena. The ‘spirits’ measures in the village bars are approximate and generous! The meals are large and the evening meal is eaten late, according to Spanish custom – I did have to ‘pace myself’ and be strict with myself as to how much I ate! Enrique took ‘group’ photos at places of interest each day during the ride, and at the end gave each of us a ‘memory stick’ with them on”.